NFT Marketplace Blockchain Project Source Code

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Tools and Technologies used:
React Js, Express Js, MongoDB, Solidity, Polygon Blockchain

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Here’s a breakdown of the features:

Home Page:
Displays unsold NFTs available for purchase.
Users can browse and filter NFT listings.
Users can like NFTs from the homepage.

About Page:
Provides information about the NFT marketplace, its mission, and team.

Contact Page:
Allows users to get in touch with the platform administrators or support.

Wallet Connect Page:
Enables users to connect their wallet (MetaMask).
Users can interact with the platform only after connecting their wallets.
User Dashboard:
Users are redirected here after connecting their wallet.
Contains the following sections:

Creator Dashboard:
Lists all NFTs created by the user.
Displays rejected NFTs along with reasons for rejection.

Digital Assets:
Lists NFTs that the user has purchased.

Unsold NFTs:
Lists all NFTs created by the user that are available for purchase.

Sell Digital Assets:
Allows users to mint new NFTs.
Submitted NFTs are sent to admin for approval.
Admin can accept or reject with reasons.
Rejected NFTs appear under “Creator Dashboard > Rejected NFTs.”
User Actions:
Users can like NFTs.
Users can purchase NFTs from the homepage (unsold NFTs).

User Management:
Users can log out and disconnect their wallets.

Admin Dashboard:
Admin can log use using their username and password
They can see all NFTs that were minted they can accept or reject NFTs

Backend Technologies:
Built using React (for the front end).
Utilizes Express (for the backend).
Integrates Infura IPFS for file storage.
Utilizes Solidity for smart contract development.

Environment Configuration:
Users must replace Infura APIs in the .env file.
Users must provide their private key in the .env file for wallet integration.

You should be aware that this is a final-year project and was not meant for professional use. However, I would like to add that if you intend to use it for a university semester or final year project, then I can assure you that you will not find a better option.

Fundamental understanding of blockchain concepts
Familiarity with React, Node.js, and Express.js
Proficiency in configuring MetaMask and Infura IPFS
Knowledge of MongoDB database connection configuration

For support, you can contact me at kashif@pioneerstrikes.com

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