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Project Information

Project Description:

  • Utilize Content Management Systems (CMS) to develop a comprehensive website infrastructure tailored for Amazon consultants in Canada.
  • Implement robust case study management systems to efficiently create, organize, and manage case studies relevant to the consultancy services.
  • Develop and maintain business services modules to streamline operations and enhance client experience.
  • Implement industry-standard encrypted connections via HTTPS protocol to ensure secure data transmission and protection of sensitive information.
  • Incorporate lead forms and Call-to-Action (CTA) mechanisms strategically throughout the website to optimize lead generation and conversion processes.

Tools & Technologies Used:

WordPress · Wordpress Development · WordPress Design · Security · Website Security · Project Management · Team Management
amazon consultants website development in canada



Develop a tailored website infrastructure for Amazon consultants in Canada using CMS. Efficiently manage case studies, streamline operations, and enhance client experience. Ensure secure data transmission with HTTPS protocol. Optimize lead generation and conversion with strategic CTAs.
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