One Pager for Motivational Speaker in German

Project Information

Project Description:

I partnered with Lucia Roth, a prominent coach, to elevate her coaching business’s online presence. The project involved designing and launching an engaging multilingual landing page that would effectively showcase her services and attract a diverse audience.

Tools & Technologies Used:

Elementor, WordPress, WPML, Astra Theme, WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Yoast SEO



Through collaborative efforts, we successfully developed a captivating multilingual landing page using Elementor as the primary page builder within the WordPress framework. The Astra Theme provided a clean and responsive design, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices. By integrating WooCommerce, clients gained the convenience of purchasing coaching packages directly from the website, with secure payment options powered by PayPal and Stripe. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) allowed for easy content management, empowering Lucia to update her offerings effortlessly. Additionally, the implementation of Yoast SEO ensured the landing page was search engine optimized, boosting its visibility and reach. The project’s culmination marked a significant milestone for Lucia Roth’s coaching business, enhancing her digital footprint and enabling her to connect with a wider clientele base.
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